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Business Development

Finding new business or expanding your organization is rarely that simple. Every company wants to grow and earn more revenues, but finding those nuggets of gold in the vast global economy is tough. At CMT, we have developed and perfected the art of business development to help SME companies grow.

Through a detailed needs analysis, we pinpoint your target markets and new potential markets that will help you grow. In conjunction with our other business units, we then develop a detailed action plan. From SEO, to media buying, lead generation, social media strategies and more, we put the plan to work.


Through experience, we have also found that by employing the right technology with an organization, streamlining processes and removing technical challenges, our clients are able to go further, faster. These steps are crucial in the business development process, because simply marketing and driving more traffic to your doors, but not having the capacity and technology to deal with all the new business, can create a problem of its own. We make sure that when the growth comes, you have everything you need to capitalize and achieve your ROI objectives.

CMT Business Development Services Include:

  • Business needs analysis

  • Marketing research

  • Marketing strategy development and execution

  • Technology needs analysis

  • Business process auditing, mapping, and optimization

  • Lead generation

  • Staff training

  • And more…


If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, and the next and the next, then contact CMT Processing today to learn more about our business development services.

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